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Hell Pizza Joins Easts as New Sponsor

The Easts Club is delighted to announce a sponsorship agreement with your favourite pizza outlet HELL PIZZA!!

The company has agreed to provide sponsorship cover for our Premier team home lunches throughout the 2020/21 season and to assist our Junior Section with Player of the Day awards.

A massive welcome aboard to HELL PIZZA!!


Hell Pizza

Kilbirnie Sports HBCA T20 Tournament Underway

This weekend (9-11 October), Easts El Cheapo Premier 2 are competing in the Kilbirnie Sports Hawke's Bay T20 Tournament, hosted by Hawke's Bay Cricket Association!

Our lads will play three rounds of pool play on Friday and Saturday, followed by finals on Sunday. The pool games are:

Friday 9 October, 3pm, vs Central Hawke's Bay Cricket Club
Saturday 10 October, 11am, vs Eden Roskill Cricket Club
Saturday 10 October, 3pm, vs Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club

Keep an eye on the tournament here.

Good luck fellas!

2020/21 Registrations Open

Registrations Open

Registrations are open for the 2020/2021 season!

Potential new senior players should contact Gordie. Contact details can be found here. Senior player registration can be done anytime!

Junior player registrations open on September 26, and will be found on the Eastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club website here.

Looking forward to everyone returning, and hopefully seeing some new faces as well!

Easts 27th Annual General Meeting 24th August 2020

Annual Report

The Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club’s 27th Annual General Meeting will be held in the Kilbirnie Park Clubrooms on Monday 24th August 2020 at 7.00pm.

The Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club Annual Report and Financial Statement for the 2019/20 season has also been released.

A digital copy of the report is available by clicking the image to the right.

2020/2021 Season Dates Confirmed

Wellington Cricket has confirmed the starting dates for the 2020/21 club season.

Men’s Premier Division 1 and 2 competitions get underway on Saturday October 17.

Premier Men’s Division 3 and 4 competitions, as well as all Premier Women’s cricket will return on Saturday November 7.

All junior cricket competitions and all other senior cricket will start on Saturday November 14.

Club cricket start dates confirmed

2019/2020 Prizegiving

Happy lockdown fellas!!!

Sad that the cricket season came to a screaming halt and we weren’t able to have our end season bunfight and prizegiving evening.

I’ve drawn together team stats and recommendations (a few teams didn’t bother to send theirs in).

I’ve poured over the facts and figures and came up with a list of Prizewinners for 2019/20 season.

Player of the Year – ISAIAH WILSON Div7 3rd Grade Aces.

"Isaiah is the epitome of a good club man. He put his hand up to take over the role as Senior Club Captain at the start of the season. He regularly ran the Club’s open net practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. An electrician, he volunteered to fix an electrical fault in the Clubrooms. When he had a visiting team from USA he volunteered to help with running the bar and driving the barbecue. When his team was defaulted to, he volunteered to help out by playing for another team. As well as all this he was the
top wicket-taker for the season for his team. Isaiah is deservedly the Player of the Year!!!"

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into!!! Haha !!

Engraving of the trophies will be done when things settle down a bit.

Take it easy everyone and I’ll be in touch when I&rsquo got anything to report on how next season might shape up!

View list of Prizewinners here ->    Honours


2019/2020 Season HAS NOW ENDED

Amid COVID-19 Cricket Wellington along with all other major associations have been advised to cancel all community/club cricket for the remainder of the season.

NZC have released a statement and Cricket Wellington only see fit to follow suit of this. As you may have seen in the media other sporting codes are approaching this in the same manner by cancelling matches that have been scheduled.

This is an extremely unfortunate way to end the season however with COVID-19 impacting sporting events around New Zealand we feel this is the safest outcome to protect the virus from potentially spreading.

NZ Cricket Cancels Club & School Cricket for the rest of the season

Prizegiving Evening - Saturday 28th March 2020

The Club’s Prizegiving Evening will be held on Saturday 28th March at the clubrooms. Come along after your game for those that are playing that day.

Offically from about 7:30pm - Captains spread the word amongst your players - We need a good muster with ALL TEAMS represented !!!

The Club will turn on the food - sausages, fish, chicken, patties, salads, chocs etc.etc. Usual cheap bar prices !!!

See you all there with your team mates!!!

Premier1 Men Twenty20 Champions for 2020

Premier1 Men 2020

The Mighty Easts Premier team are the 2020 champions of Twenty20 Club Cricket in Wellington.

Upper Hutt opened the batting and started well accumulating 85-4 in 10 overs. Some great bowling in the next 10 overs by Dylan Sharma 3-35 off 4 overs, along with some more good containment from Nathan Cameron 0-19 off 4 overs, Ili Tugaga 2-23 off 4 overs & Sean Neal 1-23 off 4 overs kept control of the scoreboard with Upper Hutt achieving 130-7 in their 20 overs.

The chase was on and a Luke Georgeson 31 and Olly Batchelor 67* off 47 balls made big contributions in getting the Mighty Easts Premier team home with a win 133-5 off 18.2 overs.

Well done lads !!!!!

CricHQ Match Report
Photos of Twenty20 Final 20 Jan 2020 - Courtesy Wareham Sports Media

New Club Record for Premier Twenty20 games

Lauchie Johns Debut Firebirds

Lauchie Johns set a new club record of 104 in the Twenty20 game against Taita on Saturday 10 January 2020.

The previous highest score was held by Michael Bracewell with his 92 in 2018.

Lauchie’s 104 was achieved in 42 minutes off 45 balls with 15 fours and 3 sixes. He was run out but set the platform for a comfortable win against Taita, who had scored 193-6. Easts won the game in 18.2 overs with a score of 194-3.

Congratulations Lauchie !!!!!

Premier1 Player Milestones

Congratulations to a few Easts Premier1 players who have achieved "Milestones" in the first few weeks of this years cricket season.

26 Oct 2019 - Jamie Gibson 4,000 runs

26 Oct 2019 - Nathan Cameron 100 wickets

2 Nov 2019 - Luke Georgeson 1,000 runs

23 Nov 2019 - Jimad Khan 2,000 runs

30 Nov 2019 - Jimad Khan 200 fours

30 Nov 2019 - Luke Georgeson 100 fours

Keep up the good effort lads !!!

Luke Georgeson Premier Vice Captain 2019/20 Season

Luke Georgeson

The Easts Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Luke Georgeson as Vice Captain of the Premier team for the 2019/20 season.

Luke is a terrific young prospect and a dedicated cricketer. He has a growing list of outstanding achievements in his career to date, including Wellington Under 17’s, Wellington Under 19’s, New Zealand Under 19’s, Wellington Provincial A’s and he also played for a New Zealand XI against Sri Lanka last season.

Our congratulations to Luke who, like his skipper Jamie Gibson, is a committed Easts club man who has come right through as a youngster from the Easts Junior ranks.

Ankur Bassi

Ankur Bassie new EASTS Premier Coach 2019/20 Season

Well known Easts identity Ankur Bassi will assume the role of Premier Coach for the 2019/20 cricket season.

Ankur is a Level 2 qualified coach and has been associated with the Club for many seasons now as a Premier player and dedicated Coach.

He will commence the coaching role from the start of our indoor pre-season preparations at the Westpac Stadium on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

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Premier Honours Board

Player Milestones

Premier Player Stats

Premier "Captains MVP"

End of Season 14 March 2020

Easts Premier Player MVP Pts
Luke Georgeson 20
Olly Batchelor 19
Lauchie Johns 14
Jed Wiggins 12
Nathan Cameron 11
Jimad Khan 10
Fraser Colson 9
Sean Neal 8
Matt Ansell 7
Ili Tugaga 4
Jacob Logan 4
Dylan Sharma 3
Jamie Gibson 3
Kaleb Gilhooly 3
Michael Bracewell 3
Jarred Simpson 2
Matt Rowe 2
Peter Connell 2

Competition Standings

End of Season 14 March 2020

2 Dayers

Note: * denotes yet to be updated

Easts Team  Pts  Pos
Premier Pearce Cup 52.23 6th  
Div5 - Roosters 55.05 7th  
Div7 - Aces 82.63 4th  
Div7 - Tamils 79.33 5th  
Div7 - Scorpions 62.53 6th  
Div8 - Bulldogs 37.92 6th  
Div8 - Shepherds 104.03 2nd  

End of Season 14 March 2020

Timed - 100 Overs

Note: * denotes yet to be updated

Easts Team  Pts  Pos
Premier3 68.00 5th  
Premier4 37.00 8th  

End of Season 14 March 2020

1 Day / 2020

Note: * denotes yet to be updated

Easts Team  Pts  Pos
Premier1 Ewen Chatfield Trophy 16  5th=
Premier1 Twenty20 Cup 16  1st  
Premier3 100  3rd=
Premier4 56  8th  
Premier2 - Wildcats 38  2nd=
Div5 - Roosters  9 7th=
Div7 - Aces 19  1st  
Div7 - Tamils 14  4th=
Div7 - Scorpions  0 8th  
Div8 - Bulldogs  0 6th  
Div8 - Shepherds 16  2nd  
IntDiv1 - The Shoe Clinic 44  4th  
IntDiv1 - Masters 48  3rd  
IntDiv1 - Desi Boys 58  1st  
IntDiv1 - Smoking Pineapples 20  10th=
IntDiv2 - Leopards 44  1st  
IntDiv2 - Thumbs Up 34  2nd  
IntDiv2 - Evergreens 14  5th  
T20Div2 - Prematures 48  3rd  
T20Div2 - The Lads XI 32  7th  
T20Div2 - Stags 20  11th=
T20Div3 - Cobras 32  5th=
T20Div3 - Goons 36  4th  

Season Highlights

Centuries (all divisions)

Note: * denotes NOT OUT

Easts PlayerRuns
Tim Banks 224  
Shailesh Patel 166  
Christian Bonnevie 164  
Sean Neal 157*
Roshan Patel 151*
Adrian Brown 149 
Karl Grove 147*
Riju George 147 
Vivek Patel 142*
Lauchie Johns 142 
Tim Banks 140*
Avinash Patel 140  
Nick Palmer 137  
Tejash Modi 136*
Olly Batchelor 136  
Roshan Rai 131*
Bikrampal Singh 131  
Shane Johnston 127  
Shane Johnston 126  
Yatesh Maisuria 121  
Ankur Singh 120*
Prakash Sasikumar 115*
Regan Ryan 112  
Jatin Patel 111  
Luke Georgeson 110*
Matt Rowe 110  
Dean Napier 110  
Callum Bron 109*
Maran Kumarasamy 106  
Gavin Byford 105  
Yatesh Maisuria 105  
Lauchie Johns 104  
Kunal Verma 104  
Shailesh Patel 103  
Scott Pender 102  
Bhupinder Singh 101*
Ankur Bassi 101  
Kevin Thompson 101  
Robin Singh 101  
Mehul Desai 101  
Murali Muddana 100*
Tejash Modi 100*
Hayden Mourits 100*

10+ Wickets (all divisions)

Easts Player Wickets-Runs
Cullum Jones 12-54

5+ Wickets (all divisions)

Easts Player Wickets-Runs
Cullum Jones 8-26
Hitesh Patel 7-12
Sam Dick 7-22
Andrew McGee 7-42
Sukhi Singh 6-20
Tim McKibblin 6-20
Philip Raju 6-31
Cam McAuslan 6-35
Jayesh Patel 6-44
Andy White 5-12
Michael Kerr 5-13
Harjeet Singh 5-17
Adrian Brown 5-18
Jared Simpson 5-18
Darren Ward 5-18
Matt Bull 5-20
Hemant Patel 5-23
Nathan Cameron 5-24
Andy White 5-24
David Carline 5-26
Kalpesh Patel 5-28
Megharaj Patel 5-30
Ankur Slathia 5-32
Hitesh Patel 5-33
Hazeeb Quazi 5-52
Andrew McGee 5-55
Chintan Mehta 5-57

Hattricks (all divisions)

Easts Player Wickets-Runs
Matt Godfrey 4-14
Hitesh Patel 4-32