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Pearce Cup

That makes it SIX out of SIX and continued dominance of Wellington Club Cricket !!!!

Source :- Dominion Post

Pearce Cup Winners - Eastern Suburbs 2006/2007

Back (l to r):- Tim Boyer, Scott Golder, Robert Sewell, John Peters, Josh Stuart,         
      Richard Gilhooly, Roger Fouhy, Gordon Dry ( Club Manager )
Front (l to r):- Jeremy Dean, Josh Brodie , Joe Consedine, Lance Dry(c), James Lowe

      Absent :- Stephen Mather, Phil Parker, Brad Edwards, Jeetan Patel, Phil McMahon, Ricky Joseph, Niranjan Naguleswaran

Scott Golder - 149 not out

Roger Fouhy 5-47 & 4-89

Premier Final 2007 - Roger Fouhy another wicket but NOT OUT this time!

Premier Final 2007 - Vital wicket of Jessie Ryder out c.John Peters b.Roger Fouhy 104 !

Pearce Cup Points

The Pearce Cup Cup was decided by the accummulation of competition points in the 1 and 2 Day games during the season but this year the two top teams would play a 3 day final against each other. The outright winner would win the Pearce Cup but if the game ending up as a draw then the top qualifier would be crowned the winner.

In 2007 The MIGHTY EASTS team won the competition by beating Naenae by 9 wickets in the final !!!.

Now SIX out of SIX !!!!

HISTORY OF PEARCE CUP FINALS SINCE 2001/2002 - "EASTS have played in all Finals"

Season Team 1 Team 2 Result
2006/2007 Easts Naenae Easts won by 9 wickets
2005/2006 Easts Karori Easts won as top qualifier - Final abandoned (rain)
2004/2005 Easts   Easts won by 20.26 points
2003/2004 Easts   Easts won by 14.92 points
2002/2003 Easts   Easts won by 2.15 points
2001/2002 Easts   Easts won by 6.93 points