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Pearce Cup

      Also Absent :- Alex Treseder, Tim Boyer, Ben Bellamy

Yes the game is over and THE MIGHTY EASTS Premier Team have won the Pearce Cup for the 9th successive year.

First day was a day for wickets with (28) falling. Karori won the toss and elected to bat first. In their 1st innings Karori were all out for (67) with Ricky Joseph getting (6-14) and Nathan Cameron (4-22). Easts were (37-7) at one stage in their 1st innings but recovered somewhat and were all out for (112), a lead of (45). Josh McLauchlan opened the innings and was (31) not out at the end and captain Lance Dry made the highest score (44) runs.

Karori’s 2nd innings was similar to their first and at stumps were (32-8). Lance Dry had (3-1).

Day 2 and Karori were dismissed for (70) - Lance Dry (3-21)Nathan Cameron (3-27) leaving Easts (27) runs to get for victory. Easts achieved this in losing just (2) wickets.

What a terrific boost the boys got from seeing the mob of Club supporters who turned out on Friday and Saturday to cheer on the team! And the guys responded in the best possible way but comprehensively dicking the "pretenders" from Karori and putting the prized trophy away for another year!! A huge thank you to Suz and Stacey for organising the support and the pikelets, crackers and cheese and pate, and cake, not to mention numerous other bitties!! A big thanks also to Pykey, Josh Stevens and others for their very vocal support, which I have no doubt was instrumental in reducing the guys from the soggy suburb to quivering wrecks, unable to cope with the stresses and pressures from the Mighty Easts machine!!

I was particularly impressed by Pykey’s sideline rendition of the Rod Stewart classic - "I don’t want to talk about it, how we broke Karori’s heart, won’t you stay here just a little bit longer, won’t you listen to my heaaarrrrt, to my heaaarrrt............."!

I also loved the verse that goes - "I can tell by your eyes that you’ve probably been crying for ever"!

It was a truly moving experience and one that brought a tear to many an eye!!!

What a wonderful occasion - go the Mighty Easts - I’ve got a lazy tenner on the next one!!


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Pearce Cup Points

The Pearce Cup Cup was decided by the accummulation of competition points in the 1 and 2 Day games during the season but this year the two top teams would play a 3 day final against each other. The outright winner would win the Pearce Cup but if the game ending up as a draw then the top qualifier would be crowned the winner.

In 2010 The MIGHTY EASTS team won the competition by beating Karori again this time by 8 wickets in the final !!!.

Now NINE from NINE !!!!

HISTORY OF PEARCE CUP FINALS SINCE 2001/2002 - "EASTS have played in all Finals"

Season Team 1 Team 2 Result
2009/2010 Easts Karori Easts won by 8 wickets
2008/2009 Easts Karori Easts won by 2 wickets
2007/2008 Easts North City Easts won by 7 wickets
2006/2007 Easts Naenae Easts won by 9 wickets
2005/2006 Easts Karori Easts won as top qualifier - Final abandoned (rain)
2004/2005 Easts   Easts won by 20.26 points
2003/2004 Easts   Easts won by 14.92 points
2002/2003 Easts   Easts won by 2.15 points
2001/2002 Easts   Easts won by 6.93 points