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Wilkinson Pearce Cup returns to EASTS after being on loan for 12 months

Pearce Cup

Back (l to r):- Gordon Dry (Club Manager), Jeremy Dean, Josh Brodie, Ricky Joseph, Josh McLauchlan, Ben Orton,
Nathan Cameron, Jamie Gibson, Chamika Gajanayaka, Niranjan Naguleswaran, Pat Baker (Team Sponsor)
Middle (l to r):- Michael Burns, Sean Joseph (Team Manager), Ankur Bassi
Front (l to r):- Sam Mclauchlan, Lance Dry (Captain), Scott Golder
Absent :- Cath Shields (Scorer), Jeetan Patel, Sean O’Connor, Andrew Fullerton-Smith, Andrew Pollock

"The MIGHTY EASTS"have secured the Wilkinson Pearce Cup for 2011/12. After losing it to Karori last year we had a poor start to this season with being bottom of the table after 5 rounds but then the wheel turned and we achieved top qualifier for the final at the Hawkins Basin Reserve against Naenae.

A comprehensive 9 wicket victory on day three has meant that the Pearce Cup is back home where it belongs. This now means that THE MIGHTY EASTS PREMIER TEAM have won this trophy for 10 of the last 11 years. Congratulations to Lance Dry (Captain) and your team and Management.

Lance won the toss and elected to bowl at Naenae. Soon after Easts had them in trouble and eventually dismissed them for 187 in the 1st innings. Wicket-takers were Michael Burns 3-53, Nathan Cameron 3-71 and Lance Dry 3-13. In response a 112 parntership between Ben Orton 72 & Niranjan Naguleswaran 48 got Easts off to a good start. Sam Mclauchlan also contributed a good 37 in a first innings total of 268. Surprisingly Naenae were not as agressive, as expected, in their 2nd innings and were contained with some consistent off stump bowling. Best bowling in the 2nd innings was Michael Burns 3-49, Ricky Joseph 3-53 and Nathan Cameron 3-49. Naenae were dismissed for 171 and this left Easts to score 91 to win the game. The Mighty Easts achieved the target set before lunch , on day 3, with not much effort with Josh Brodie scoring 53* and Niranjan Naguleswaran 21*.

The 9-wicket win equalled their biggest winning margin in a Pearce Cup final, also beating Naenae by 9 wickets in the 2006-07 final.

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Day 1 Images

Day 2 Images

Day 3 Images

Easts Premier Team qualify for 2012 Wilkinson Pearce Cup Final

After starting the year losing their first four Twenty20 games the Premier Team have bounced back to be the leaders in the competition and securing a place in the 3 day final against Naenae.

The final is to be played at the Basin Reserve from Friday 6th - 8th April 2012 so get out there to support Lance Dry and his Premier team to win back the Wilkinson Pearce Cup that they lost to Karori last year.


The Premier team has also continued to defend the Cook Shield for two day games, home and away, and can put that away for another season. Successful defenses now total 28 ( 4 years ).

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Being top qualifier for the Pearce Cup final counts for nothing, in Lance Dry’s opinion.
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The last match of the Wellington club cricket season this weekend is also the most important for Eastern Suburbs El Cheapo Cars, and Naenae Old Boys the two meeting over three days at the Hawkins Basin Reserve in the Wilkinson Pearce Cup final.

Pearce Cup Points

The Pearce Cup Cup was decided by the accummulation of competition points in the 1 and 2 Day games during the season but this year the two top teams would play a 3 day final against each other. The outright winner would win the Pearce Cup but if the game ending up as a draw then the top qualifier would be crowned the winner.

In 2012 The MIGHTY EASTS team GOT IT BACK and beat Naenae by 9 wickets in the final !!!.

Now TEN from ELEVEN !!!!

HISTORY OF PEARCE CUP FINALS SINCE 2001/2002 - "EASTS have played in all Finals"

Season Team 1 Team 2 Result
2011/2012 Easts Naenae Easts won by 9 wickets
2010/2011 Easts Karori Karori won by 108 runs
2009/2010 Easts Karori Easts won by 8 wickets
2008/2009 Easts Karori Easts won by 2 wickets
2007/2008 Easts North City Easts won by 7 wickets
2006/2007 Easts Naenae Easts won by 9 wickets
2005/2006 Easts Karori Easts won as top qualifier - Final abandoned (rain)
2004/2005 Easts   Easts won by 20.26 points
2003/2004 Easts   Easts won by 14.92 points
2002/2003 Easts   Easts won by 2.15 points
2001/2002 Easts   Easts won by 6.93 points