Cricket injury and rehabilitation

Scott Pender - Registered Osteopath, ACC Provider

I have recently moved back from Auckland after completing my training to become an Osteopath.

One of my passions and motivational drivers for my choice of osteopathic career has been the wonderful game of cricket. I want to continue to be involved in the game by helping to rehabilitate/maintain player fitness by helping them work through troublesome periods of injury.

I joined the Midland St Pats Cricket Club in 1987 and played senior cricket as an opening batsman until 1992 when I left for my OE. I returned to the newly amalgamated MSP/Kilbirnie formed ESCC in 1994. I played another season with the premier side in 1999 and was a member of the successful senior reserve side which won seven out of eight titles in the later part of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

My story involves having been plagued with a shoulder injury preventing me from throwing a cricket ball for 10 years. This meant a considerable amount of time spent at short leg!! It wasn’t until I saw an osteopath after a failed surgical repair (by the name of Lawrence Cartmell) that my shoulder issue was identified and, following a graduated rehabilitation programme, my shoulder was restored to working order. This meant I was once again able to annoy batsmen in the nets! I was so impressed with osteopathy that I changed careers and now work for Lawrence!

I have always loved the technical and bio-mechanical side of cricket and feel I have a reasonable understanding of it having played for 25 odd years, although I concede that I am still learning. Coupled with my new understanding of the human body and the performance demands placed upon it during our wonderful game leads me back to Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club.

My goal is to return injured players back into the game we love, because afterall, it’s much more fun playing cricket than wishing you could be.

We work at the Osteopathic Clinic in the Wellington CBD and specialise in structural osteopathy and endeavour to help patients through treatment and empowerment by education, movement and strength re-training.

We treat all types of injuries to the spine and limbs.

I’m offering a discount for club members who have paid their fees.

Non-ACC $60 ($50 for players who have paid subs)
ACC $32 ($25 for players who have paid subs)

1st treatment 45 mins / follow up treatments 30 mins